Molly Rose Butt (b.1990) is a painter currently on the Turps Studio Painting Programme (2018- 2020) that is based in Elephant and Castle. 

She is originally from Suffolk and lives on Eel Pie Island in Twickenham.

Working mostly from imagination and remembered scenes, Butt’s paintings reference her surroundings and draw upon the interactions between built and natural environments. Shapes and motifs are adapted and repeated throughout her work to playfully manipulate and depict space, creating ambiguous compositions that allude to a precarious narrative. Sculptural objects are made in response to the paintings and the assemblages of 2D and 3D pieces are collaged into a continuously shifting landscape, the carefully balanced ecosystem expanding and retracting in a process of continuous editing.

Recent exhibitions:

'Time Flies Like The Wind Fruit Flies Like Bananas', Group Exhibition at The Art Academy, 155 Walworth Road, London, 18th- 22nd September 2019


Solo exhibition of new works at The Zetter Hotel, 86- 88 Clerkenwell Road, London, 1st June- 13th July 2019

'Spouts', online exhibition at Goldmali Gallery, June 2019,

'A room of one's own', group exhibition at The Koppel Project Central, 49- 50 Poland Street, Soho, London, 13th March- 15th April 2019.