'Save me a place' is a collaboration between Anna Shelley, Daniel Curtis, and myself. Together we form Wednesday, a collective who collage methods and materials into interactive installations.

'Save me a Place' focuses on fragments. These include found objects- pink upholstery foam, a frosted-glass fridge shelf, a corinthian column cut from cardboard; global materials that litter the landscape but also form new ones, the process of collage distorting the narratives around such detritus and acting as a rebuilding of the world out of the chaos and debris of contemporary life. We work on the pieces simultaneously, challenging and building upon each other's choices. In this way the works are continuously deconstructed and reconstructed as the installations evolve and change

Following this process of construction, we photograph the objects and reinsert the distorted images back into the installation. Geometric grid formations overlay pools of colour, and shards of what might be buildings are distorted via the bluntness of the photocopier. The process becomes a multilayered reconstruction, an archive of sorts. We are interested in how this process creates a lack of authorship, in the sense that each of the pieces within the whole is recognisable as being on the one hand the work of no-one in particular and on the other hand recognisable as each of our own.

We were selected for the Studio 4 Residency at Chisenhale Studios which gave us access to the studio space at Chisenhale Art Place for the month of July. Along with creating new works during the residency, we orgnanised two public events. The first was a fragment-gathering walk around the local area. The new found-objects were then inserted into the installations that we had made prior to the event, the participants responding to our work and to each others choices to create new clusters of fragments.

The second event was an exhibition of our work made during the remaining time of the residency, followed by talks from artist Ian Monroe and architect Richard Gatti.

More images and information about the residency can be found on the Wednesday blog.